Ugandans Are So Jealous, So Who Told You Am Going To Be In Your Jail For So Long – Omar Lay Feeling Annoyed

By:Our reporter: After the circulating pictures of Omar lay doing a live concert in Uganda with a big crowd, many people felt betrayed It should be remembered that after the outbreak of... Read more »

His The Only Man I Ever Slept With, I Miss My Husband So Much – Kuluthum Muzaata Feeling Sad

By:Our reporter: The entire country came into shock after announcing the death of our beloved sheikh nuuhu muzaata Sheikh muzaata wasn’t sick for long when his death was announced. This left many... Read more »

No Fool Is Going To Take Away My Late Husband’s Property – Am The Only Legal Wife. Kuluthum Muzaata Ready For War

By:Our reporter: After the death of our beloved sheikh nuuhu muzaata, his left wives have already started war over property Sheikh muzaata died a few weeks back and it was a very... Read more »

Ugly Ugandans Are Just Good At Bad Mouthing Others, They Hate Me Because Am Young, Rich, Pretty And Married – Sheilla Gashumba Throws Fire

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Stop Using Your Small Dick To Interfere Into Bobiwine’s Business – Increase Your Penis Size And Act Mature. Bad black Blasts Bebecool

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We Knew Roy Was Going To Die But We Didn’t Believe It Was Going To Be This Soon – Anita Nabuduwo Breaks Down For The Husband’s Loss

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Kuluthum Muzaata Threatens To Fight Anyone Who Comes To Steal The Late Nuhu Muzaata’s Belongings – Says She Won’t Tolerate Family Nonsense

By:Our reporter: It was a sad Friday after the announcement of the death of one of the biggest person in the Muslim community However, after laying him to rest, different people have... Read more »

Shock And Tears After UCU Dean’s Son Dies Just Hours After His Wedding. The Cause Of His Death Is Still Unknown.

When two people are joined together in holy matrimony, they vow to be together in sickness and health, for richer or poorer till death do them part as guidelines to a long... Read more »

Am So Scared, What If Am Next In Line. My Stomach Hurts So Much Every Single Day – Erias Lukwaago Shades Tears As He Wishes Sheikh Muzaata The Best In His Grave

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He Was The Most Merciful And Peaceful Sheikh We Ever Had, We Shall Forever Miss You Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata – Ugandans Feeling Heart Broken

By :Shifrah Kayaga:Inna Lilaahi Wa Inna Liyhi Rajiunah. It’s a big tragedy that our beloved sheikh is no more Today, the entire Uganda received the news of there beloved sheikh that just... Read more »