You have nothing to tell us! Bobi Wine supporters attack NRM’s Nusura Tiperu for speaking ill about Bobi Wine

The supporters of Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine have lashed out at former Member of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Nusura Tiperu for undermining their presidential candidate. Appearing on NBS TV on Thursday morning , Tiperu, a renown NRM cadre said those supporting Bobi Wine are making the biggest mistake that would ruin Uganda.

“Bobi Wine is not presidential material. He doesn’t fit the shoes. Everything about him doesn’t give me the feeling. President Museveni was young but a revolutionary who fought many battles. Uganda needed Museveni. For us to replace Museveni with Bobi Wine is the biggest mistake we could ever make. We don’t lack candidates befitting. EC has been battling with this candidate who has refused to observe SOP’s. He is holding his rallies on the streets.We are not scared of Bobi Wine at all. our worry is that he is not observing the SOPs and putting people’s lives in danger,” she said.

However, he attack on the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate rubbed his supporters on social media a wrong way.  They told Tiperu that no amount of smear campaigns will make them stop loving and supporting Bobi Wine,

See social media attacks against Tiperu:

Gloria Jackie; Are you for real? So supporting Bobi Wine puts people in danger?. The only thing our people are doing is to support and you call it that danger yet you sold our motherland to the killer.

Joy Elizabeth Isabirye; By the way as young people straight from university in 1980, we were subjected to a war we never chose. Ever since then, I have seen the so-called freedom fighters evolve into worse dictatorships than what they removed. So for me at my age as Kyagulanyi’s mom, am using evidence to support Kyagulanyi. This business of Museveni creating a state of panic, insecurity and fear is part of his political textbook for retaining power.

Thank you for your ignorance. Who do you compare him to? What is your scale or yardstick? Your man’s only credential was the gun because he was defeated in the 1980 elections, which meant, he was not presidential material. What did he do? He imposed himself via the gun. Let Kyagulanyi prove so at the ballot box. Remember though: President Zelensky of Ukraine is a former stand-up comedian. Prime Minster Traddeau of Canada was a lecturer of Drama. Outgoing president of the US was a reality TV host. Can you tell me why these could be president and not Kyagulanyi? Prejudice won’t save us. Equal opportunity at the ballot…with no stealing? You would be shocked. But anyway, UG is a country full of political thieves anything is possible.

Degea Pirlo Patrick; Soon you will be ashamed that you will not be in a position to step to any media house to even say a word you will swallow those stupid words of yours.

Hama Edger; What shoes are designed for presidential candidates, in fact, these guys are dogmatic.

Ssemakula Hakim; We have not said that Bobi is your president, stay with your Museveni who did not even go to school, and we also stay with people’s president.

Jude Jadao; Ask her did she marry her husband while she was a Virgin? Then if not why did her husband divorce her for promiscuity or even prostitution.

Egang James; You mean Corona transmit in political rallies but in markets, funerals and other gatherings no transmissions???? Shallow excuses.

Salmin Faris; Do you still remember what happens to you in Arua city? so you have to believe that Bobi is everywhere and NRM is vanishing.

Jackie Nantale; This lady doesn’t know that the fight that Bobi is leading is not about Himself. It is about the people of Uganda. Since you are blind to the plight of Uganda. He will be of no use to you because you are blind. Those who see are the ones that give his struggle.

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