Stop Using Your Small Dick To Interfere Into Bobiwine’s Business – Increase Your Penis Size And Act Mature. Bad black Blasts Bebecool

By:Our reporter: Socialite bad black has finally given bebecool a dose of his own after he interfered into Bobiwine’s business

In her message, bad black wrote

Bad Black: “I think Bebe Cool is still locked up in the past of the music beef with Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine is nolonger at that level. I would like tell Bebe Cool that if you want to compare yourself to Bobi Wine first cut off your hair and act your age, and may be he need to increase on the size of his penis. And when you talk of people’s past everyone has a past what matters today is what you are right now. Right now, no Bobi Wine’s past can be used to de-campagn him. And By the way Bebe Cool if we are talking about people’s I would like to remind you that the wife you have Zuena was also a former Night Club
Stripper, stripping in night clubs in Kampala, may be your are just forgetful and you don’t remember where you got her from. But she’s now a changed woman. So understand that people change.”

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