Bobiwine Is Just Sacrificing People, Ugandans Are Too Stupid To Understand That Kyagulanyi Is Using Them – Bebecool Feeling Pissed

By:Our reporter: Singer bebecool already pissed at how bobiwine is making Ugandans die at a faster rate The singer yesterday was confused on why people still follow Hon kyagulanyi so much yet... Read more »

Jennifer Full Figure Welcomes Bouncing Baby Boy – Thanks Museveni For The Support

By:Our reporter: Presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure has welcomed a bouncing baby boy It’s Alleged that the celebrity has been secretly pregnant and she has tried as much as she can to... Read more »

I Wish Your Entire Family Dies In An Accident – People Power Diehard Curses Comedian Salvador and Wife Over Supporting Museveni

By:Shifrah Kayaga: Comedian Salvador feeling Comfused After people Power Diehard cursed him and family for supporting Museveni The known comedian has always been making posts praising and appreciating Museveni for his nice... Read more »

I Have Never Seen Fools Like Ugandans, Bobiwine Sleeps In A Car And Every One Cries!!!! – Gasiya

By:Our reporter: Yesterday, after the denial of bobiwine getting accommodated in any hotel, fans got Disturbed This happened after pictures of bobiwine started circulating sleeping in a car with his NUP members... Read more »

Singer Ykee Benda Rejoices Life After Surviving A Nasty Accident – Son And Mother In Terrible Condition

By:Shifrah Kayaga: It’s a tragedy for Singer Ykee Benda and his family after being involved into a nasty accident The known singer together with wife and son were in a car driving... Read more »

You cannot even chase a duck but you are wasting your time on me- Bobi Wine

By:Our reporter: It’s so sad and a pitty that due to alot of people disappearing from media, they came back so changed. I pity my Friend gen Tumwiine who cannot even chase... Read more »

My Bazukulu, Try To Stay Safe, Struggling With Bobiwine Won’t Lead You Any Where But To Death – Yoweri Concerned About His Citizens

By:Our reporter: Like any other leader, his excellent yoweri is also concerned about his citizens to stay safe Today, Riots and demonstrations have openly been going on leading to innocent people dieing... Read more »

NRM Car Set On Fire And Lost Control During The “Free Bobiwine” Riots – Innocent People Knocked Down To Death

By:Shifrah Kayaga: Today in Kampala and other areas has been massive after people started striking and demonstrating due to the arrest of bobiwine During his campaigns in luuka district, police was ordered... Read more »

All Buildings In Kampala Closed Down And Shop Owners Ordered To Surrender – Ugandans Confused Of What Next

By:Shifrah Kayaga: All buildings in Kampala have been closed down shortly after people started striking for police to free bobiwine Today, as the kyadondo east MP was campaigning for the presidential seat,... Read more »

VIDEO: I Wish I Knew Dr Hamza Earlier – He Has Helped Me Realise My Worth Than My Ex Looser. Rema Namakula’s Anniversary Speech

By:Our reporter: Singer remah namakula seems on the moon ever since he meant his one and only Dr sebunya hamza The famous artist was once married to ediriisa Musuuza also known as... Read more »